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OpenTeams is tracking over 9,979 OpenSource projects that we can support.

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Get Connected with over 31,040 open source community members

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Join the fastest growing open source talent network.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Enhance your capabilities, create impactful solutions, and empower innovation with our network of open source talent. 

Architect Your Solutions

Our solutions architects zero in on your technology, operations, and strategic challenges to get an in-depth understanding of your business. From there, we design a strategic roadmap to guide your results-oriented digital transformation.

Engineer Your Vision

We quickly assemble the best open source talent to meet your unique needs and goals. Using our tech experience, open source talent network, and industry experience, we will deliver the most elegant solution for your challenge.

Relentless Commitment To Project Success

Rely on our account team, success manager, lead architect, and talent network to ensure your project is a success. In addition, we can provide ongoing support, training, and sourcing to allow your team to continue building impactful solutions and innovating.

Accelerate Your Business

Supported by our team, partners, and open source talent network, take your digital transformation to the next level. This process lays the foundation for a more efficient, cost-effective, and resilient business that can meet demands at scale.

Network Benefits

Your team will get the opportunity to work directly with open source project contributors, maintainers, founders, and partners to deliver the most elegant solution for your challenges.

Partner with a delivery team led by a senior architect and composed of the best open source talent from our network to execute your projects, innovate, and create impactful solutions. 

Sign on to open source services delivered by our partner network that can help you develop strategies, get support, execute projects, work with the community, and get training.  

Work with one vendor deeply rooted in the open source community who can manage paid engagements and provide an enterprise account team to manage your projects.  

Relentless Commitment To Project Success
Why OpenTeams?
Speed & Flexibility

Speed-up time to market by 200% by using open source software and working with maintainers and contributors.

Lower Costs by Up to 100%

Cut your spending by 40% to 100% by using open source software and liberating yourself from expensive licensing fees.

Global Full-Service Partner

Work with a global partner familiar with enterprise deployments and can provide you with a full-service offering.​

Project Specific Expertise

It’s one thing to work with professionals in open source, but quite another to partner with maintainers and contributors for projects including PyTorch, SciPy, NumPy, and more.

Worry-free Contracts and Compliance

With global workers classification compliance services, work protection, and custom configurable contracting and onboarding process, you have the freedom to hire, rehire, or close a contract without sweating the details.

End-to-End Partnership

We’ll partner with you to develop a strong talent strategy and build a custom solution that delivers the greatest impact on your business’s success. You’ll have end-to-end support for projects of all sizes, durations, and ambitions.

One Partner To Manage Open Source Relations

Instead of working with many different open source project maintainers and contributors, OpenTeams makes it easy for you to work with one vendor who can coordinate your open source feature development needs and code contributions.

Enterprise Partner

OpenTeams provides you with enterprise-class support. You will be assigned an account team, success manager, and a lead architect to ensure your project is a success. In addition, we can provide ongoing support, training, and sourcing to allow your team to continue building impactful solutions and innovating.

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We will provide you with a team of people that have the right skills, experience, and can fit your project’s needs.

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Get started quickly and securely with our customized tools.

Relentless Commitment To Project Success

Our project team will manage your project and provide enterprise-level reporting and support.

Work With A Talented Team

You’re navigating your organization through critical changes. And we’re with you. Here to help you build quality software with open source. It starts with a conversation, and then we get to work.

Solution Architect

Leads the project and designs your technical solutions

Project Success Manager

Keeps your teams on board, up to date, and fully-trained

OpenTeams Network

We assign the best open source talent from individuals to organizations to help you accomplish your technical project goals.

Account Manager

Makes sure you and your stakeholders get the most from your investment

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