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About OpenTeams

Building Better Software With The World's Technology Leaders

Travis Oliphant


Lalitha KrishnaMoorthy


Matt Harward

President / CRO

Monica Modzelewski

Vice President HR

Ashley Baal

SVP Project Success

Steven Tedjamulia

SVP Marketing

Karl Rees

General Counsel

Jon Clegg


OpenTeams' Story

Our founder Travis Oliphant has been working as an Enterprise Solution Architect to fund his open-source efforts. He has spent his entire career building innovative solutions that have become the foundation of many digital transformation efforts. Since 1997, Travis and other ESAs in his network have been involved in building open-source solutions such as SciPy, NumPy, IPython, Matplotlib, Pandas, SciKit-Learn, PyTorch, Numba, Dask, Anaconda, and many other technologies that are now being used by 80% of data scientists and the majority of small and large companies. Travis’ experience as an ESA and with other ESAs taught him that with the proper experienced technical oversight and leadership, an organization could marshal open-source technologies and communities to build projects that can significantly impact a company’s bottom line and overall value.

Travis and his leadership team founded OpenTeams to create a marketplace that could connect companies with the right ESA talent that permeates the open-source ecosystem. Travis also founded OpenTeams Incubator to accelerate innovation produced by ESAs and OpenTeams Global to help develop more ESAs and connect companies with the best technical talent.

OpenTeams' Mission

OpenTeams is committed to helping open-source communities connect with business needs to allow both to thrive.  We do this under three brands with their own missions and leadership:  OpenTeams, OpenTeams Incubator, and OpenTeams Global.  

OpenTeams focuses on helping companies find the proper technical management for their projects with our ESA network and Project Success Program while providing a single subscription payment that allows overall technology spending to be managed intelligently.  


OpenTeams Global provides a worldwide employment and recruiting services organization while helping open-source contributors make a fulfilling technology career while also contributing substantially to open-source.   

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