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You don’t have to pay to use open source software, but it is not free. It takes many hours and a lot of commitment to produce and maintain open source. If individuals and organizations that use open source do not share the benefits with their “supply chain”, it may cease to exist.
As an open source software market network, OpenTeams creates many beneficial opportunities for those who use open source software to provide financial support to those who develop, maintain, and support open source software.
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Our Story

OpenTeams’ founder, Travis Oliphant, is a leader in the Python Data Science community. Travis led the creation of open source cornerstones such as NumPy, SciPy, Numba, Conda, XND, NumFOCUS, and PyData. Prior to founding OpenTeams, he founded Anaconda and Quansight.

The Future of Software

Most companies are now using open source software. They do so either directly by choosing open source software over proprietary alternatives or they do so indirectly by adopting software and systems that utilize open source libraries as components. Sometimes they adopt open source because it is economical. Sometimes they adopt open source because it works better. And sometimes they adopt it because they like the freedom of software that can be modified.

There is No Going Back

So much valuable open source software has been created and freely published that if a company decided that they would develop their own proprietary versions of this software, they would have to spend decades recreating what is currently available and once they were done, they would be decades behind, because open source continues to progress.

The Services Gap

Organizations that adopt open source software quickly realize that the communities or companies that create the software do not offer the services that are typically offered with commercial software. Without the revenue incentive for customer success, open source creators do not prioritize things like user documentation, training, or tech support. Adopters of open source software have to find other sources of the support they need.

The Need for a Market Network

Travis saw that users of open source often need help from experts. He has founded successful companies that provide this support. After more than a decade in the open source services business, Travis has learned that a primary challenge for seekers and providers of open source services is simply finding each other. With so many open source libraries in use, finding service providers for each library can be daunting. And service providers are often experts in just one or maybe a few libraries. Supporting your organization might require the services or dozens of service
There is a clear need for a single place where open source users can go to learn about all the software that is available, how to use it, and where to find help when they need it. OpenTeams is that place. Welcome to the Future of Software.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has worked with organizations and open source communities to close the ‘services gap’ for nearly two decades. We understand your problems better than anyone.

Our Leadership Team

Our team has worked with organizations and open source communities to close the ‘services gap’ for nearly two decades. We understand your problems better than anyone.

Co-Founder & CEO

Travis Oliphant

Co-Founder & CTO

David Charboneau

Co-Founder & Board Member

Matt Harward

Board Member

Bradden Blair

CRO & SVP of Operations

Tara Bryant


Kent Llewelyn


Troy Bailey

VP of Education

Dhavide Aruliah

SVP of Partner Success

Ashley Baal

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