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Algorithms AI / ML

Our expertise with core packages that form the AI/ML space, including NumPy, PyTorch, and scikit-learn, enables us to build custom algorithms and powerful AI/ML models for you.
Our Algorithm/AI/ML Process
Business Analysis

Our leading experts in big data, open source, and AI/ML meet with your appropriate stakeholders to define your machine learning needs. This includes aligning on the optimal open source technologies, strategies and solutions.

Data Preparation & ML Model Development

We begin with an exploratory analysis of your existing data sources so we can setup the proper data collection, cleansing and structuring to define the proper criteria for your model. We can incorporate supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement, neural networks, and deep learning algorithms. Next we move toward the exploration and refinement stage of your model as we test and evaluate parameters until the results are acceptable.

Implementation of AI/ML Learning Models

The next major step in the process is the deployment and implementation of your AI/ML model. We can instruct and/or participate in this deployment together with your teams ensuring proper integrations and that the output delivers the expected results in the agreed upon formatting.

Maintenance & Support

Our participation can continue throughout the maintenance and support phases of your algorithm/AI/ML model. We can help implement continuous monitoring and tuning of the model for greater accuracy and efficiency. In addition, our team can be flexible to help add additional data or modify models based on changes or new business needs.

Our Algorithm/AI/ML Consulting Approach


Our Experts

OpenTeam’s consultants include big data, open source, & AI/ML experts contributing to core technologies, analysts, engineers, data scientists, PMs, etc.


Stakeholder Involvement

From inception to delivery and beyond, we prioritize proper stakeholder collaboration throughout the algorithm/AI/ML project.


Assessment, Defining the Data Problem

We invest ample time in assessing needs, aligning on the Algorithm/AI/ML problem definition, prioritization, & strategy.


Research and Proof of Concept

We share the design of a Algorithm/AI/ML model and the POC early on to be adaptable and to ensure we’re meeting expectations.


Open Source & Data Science Knowledge Transfer

Our open source and data science experts transfer expertise along the way to strengthen your teams.


Solution Delivery and Optimization

We don’t just deliver a solution, we work with you throughout the project to optimize each milestone.

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