By enabling contributors to build a solid reputation through acknowledgment of their contributions, OpenTeams helps build the personal brands of contributors, making them identifiable and creating opportunities for future collaboration and employment.

Project contributors decide how issues, proposals, and contribution points are granted and managed. There are three basic kinds of decisions needing governance (general decisions, fundable progress, and contribution grants).

Get compensated to work on projects you love

OpenTeams helps you get hired to work on Open Source projects you care about.

Sign up in just a few minutes. Tell us who you are, your experience on open source & what you're looking for.

Once you're part of OpenTeams, Funders and Proposers can reach out to you to for fundable features work.

Showcase your contribution

Whether you’re a designer, writer, product manager, community evangelist, or developer, OpenTeams help you get recognition for your work on open source projects in a way that rewards each and every contribution, not just code.

Claim your contribution to projects you’ve worked on.

A contribution claim is a proposal about contributions made to a project which is initiated by you that you can optionally put on your portfolio page.

This claim then goes through an approval process with managing contributors approving, commenting on, revising, and ultimately accepting or rejecting the claim.

OpenTeams gives you a nice profile page to showcase your achievement on Open source work.