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Top 3 Risks When Using Open Source And How To Mitigate Them


If you’re in the tech or software industry, you’d know all too well that open source software developers are in very high demand. According to a report from Cloud Foundry in 2018, there will be a million unfillable developer jobs in the next decade. This forecast means it will continue to get harder for companies and organizations to get great open source developer talent on their teams. While the competition for talent may be fierce, there are ways to stand out. In this video, we’ll cover these topics and take a look at what your organization can do to attract great talent to your team. 

So firstly, you need to understand what Developers Want?

In order to get developers to work with you, you have to know what motivates them. You may think this comes down to paying them adequate compensation, but this is only one part of the equation. Of course, developers want competitive salaries, benefits, and perks, but you should also professionally recognize any contributions they make. Giving them a visible, challenging, and memorable goal shows that you respect them and their abilities. One of the main reasons developers love open source is that it gives them the ability to work on cutting-edge technology within a global community. It will be important to allow for developers to work with other open source projects if you want to attract the top open source developer talent. 

The next piece advice we have to attract great open source talent is to pay your Developers to work on other open source projects

On the surface, this may seem counterproductive and you may worry that you’re allowing your top developers to be recruited by other open source projects and organizations. But, in reality, this kind of openness is appealing to developers and will keep them working with you. Developers want to work with other developers, especially those more experienced. Seeing other developers thriving and making significant contributions to the open source community will keep your developers happy.

Training is also very important if you want to attract great open source developers

Developers are always looking for opportunities to work with more experienced developers through mentorships and apprenticeships. Offering opportunities for them to grow their skillset will make your company or organization more attractive. Not only will you attract great talent this way, but should you lose a key developer, having ongoing training for your team will ensure that you find someone to fill those gaps more quickly when you do lose a more experienced team member. 

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the ways you can attract great talent for your company’s open source development team. Being engaged with the community through events and hiring will also be critical to your success in acquiring talent as the years go on. With open source talent steadily increasing in demand, the usual recruitment strategies may no longer be enough. To attract top talent, it’s important to apply the right strategies and in the process, delve deeper into the open source culture.

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