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Data Engineering & MLOPs

OpenTeams helps you build the pipelines and workflows necessary to enable exploratory data science
Work with the Open Teams talent network to build the pipelines and workflows necessary for you to use data effectively across your organization.
Our MLOPs Process
Planning & Data Pipeline Preparation

Our data and open source architects assess your use case and success criteria to design a strategic data extraction pipeline that analyzes & transforms your data and defines the features for your model.

Training & Evaluation

We bring in leading experts in popular open source libraries and algorithms, to train your ml model, and subject the algorithms to hyperparameter tuning to get the best performing model. Then, we setup a framework to ensure capture of all performance data and evaluate the model quality, ensuring its predictive performance is better than a predefined baseline.

Model Deployment

Once ready, the fully trained machine learning model is exported into a specific format like PMML, PFA, ONNX, etc. so that it can be automatically deployed to a target environment to start serving predictions. The model can be served as a REST API endpoint that responds to requests in real-time, or packaged as an application to be published.

Monitoring & Alerting

An optimized process is implemented for observing the machine learning model performance and capturing the signals (anomalies, concept drift, model accuracy, etc.) that alert the need for potential retraining of the model.

Our MLOPs Enterprise Consulting Approach


Assessment and Strategic Planning

Our data and open source architects assess your use case and design a strategic roadmap with your success criteria.


Stakeholder Involvement

From inception to delivery and beyond, we prioritize proper stakeholder collaboration throughout the project.


Define the Problem

We invest ample time in the beginning to align on the problem definition, prioritization, and business value.


Research and Proof of Concept

We share the design of a solution and the POC early on to be adaptable and to ensure we’re meeting expectations.


Open Source & Data Engineering & MLOPs Knowledge Transfer

Our open source and data science experts transfer expertise along the way to strengthen your teams.


Solution Delivery and Optimization ROI

We don’t just deliver a solution, we work with you throughout the project to optimize each milestone.


Audits and Regulations

We make sure industry regulations and audits are planned and executed in collaboration with your teams

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