Quality AI/ML Models by Design with PiML

Join this TechShare to learn how PiML can help you easily build your machine learning models from the start to be more robust, reliable, resilient, equitable, and explainable.

Full-Stack Web Design: Origins, Evolution, and Outlook

Colby M. White, Senior Staff Engineer at Fractal, guides us through recent changes in web development and how a “full-stack web framework” has come to be not only feasible, but the easier choice.

Python Distribution & Packaging Roundtable

Learn about use cases, features, and pain points for projects across the broader Python distribution & packaging ecosystem Register here for this free webinar event.…

PyTorch News Corner

Andrew James (Quansight) and Sean Ross-Ross (OpenTeams) discuss recent PyTorch news.

Python Training Fireside Chat

Reuven M. Lerner (Independent) and Dhavide Aruliah (Quansight) discuss their years of experience with Python training.