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FinTech Solutions

OpenTeams helps the finance and banking industry utilize open source software to grow and innovate in an automated, secure, and cloud-native way. Work with the OpenTeams’ talent network to utilize the most advanced open source technologies across your FinTech needs. 

FinTech Industry Solutions
Open Hybrid Cloud

Our open source architects empower your organization with the flexibility, portability, interoperability, and control needed to enable scaling and deployment across public and private clouds.

AI & Machine Learning

We bring in leading experts in popular open source libraries and algorithms, to architect, train, and maintain your AI and machine learning projects around customer service, chatbots, risk analytics, credit scoring, customer segmentation, anti-fraud, infrastructure management, etc.


Once ready to experiment with blockchain technologies, our open source and data experts can help you with applications in trade finance, money lending, loan trading, cross-border micropayments, customer identify compliance, etc.

Security and Payment Processes

An optimized security process should include proper vulnerability fixes in open source packages, containers, and code. Our open source experts can help your organization maintain secure open source projects throughout your organization. Additionally, they can help you utilize the most advanced open source technologies for scalable payment processing.

Modernizing Banking Infrastructure

Transforming your traditional core banking systems into modular layers in the cloud can be achieved with the help of our open source architects and digital transformation experts.

Banking as a Service

Utilize open source technologies and frameworks to build and offer financial services throughout your organization.

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Why OpenTeams?

Open source project- specific expertise

Open source network relations

Simplified procurement and payment

Massive cost savings

End-to-end partnership

Worry-free contracts and compliance

Speed and flexibility

Trusted By Leading Open Source Partners​

Network Benefits

Engage With Core Open Source Contributors

Work With a Team of Experienced Open Source Developers

Subscribe to a Suite of Open Source Services

One Vendor to Manage With Relentless Commitment to Project Success

Our Enterprise Consulting Approach


Assessment and Strategic Planning

Our data and open source architects assess your use case and design a strategic roadmap with your success criteria.


Stakeholder Involvement

From inception to delivery and beyond, we prioritize proper stakeholder collaboration throughout the project.


Define the Problem

We invest ample time in the beginning to align on the problem definition, prioritization, and business value.


Research and Proof of Concept

We share the design of a solution and the POC early on to be adaptable and to ensure we’re meeting expectations.


Open Source & Data Engineering & MLOPs  Knowledge Transfer

Our open source and data science experts transfer expertise along the way to strengthen your teams.


Solution Delivery and Optimization ROI

We don’t just deliver a solution, we work with you throughout the project to optimize each milestone.


Audits and Regulations

We make sure industry regulations and audits are planned and executed  in collaboration with your teams

Choose The Right Architect For Your Project

Access Our Global Network

Our network offers a deep bench of enterprise solution architects that can help you develop innovative software solutions.