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Open Source Technical Team

Work With Experienced Open Source Team

OpenTeams provides you with a specialized team to support your open source architect and your existing team in building your software project.

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Need Technology Leadership?

We will help your team achieve their goals and provide them with the added support and training they need.

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Need Technology Expertise?
Our network of experienced technical experts has directed and implemented many software projects, including large open-source ecosystems.

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Need A Development Team?

Let us use our network to help bring together the right development team for your project.


Need To Innovate? 

We provide industry best practices and new ideas to help you innovate.


Hire an Open Source Team to deliver your software solution

An Open Source Architect and a team provide the resources you need to help you build your software development project.

Our Vetting Process

How We Select A Team To Help You Build Your Software Project?


Proven Track Record In Delivering Results

Our first step in the vetting process is to review the team's track record in delivering technology projects which often includes experience contributing to and leading in open-source communities. Next, we look into the projects delivered and the business results the team helped a company attain to get more detailed insight. Finally, we select team members who can lead and know what it takes to build software.


Client Satisfaction

We assess previous clients' satisfaction with their work and get recommendations for each team member. As a result, the members in our network all have top referrals from prior engagements.


Technical and Social Eminence

In addition to client satisfaction, we evaluate how a team member performs within their network. For example, we consider the code they have written, community leadership, and their social reputation. A team member's reputation among their peers provides additional insights into their capabilities, reputation, talents, and skills.


Continued Commitment To Success

OpenTeams is entirely committed to your project's success.   We join our open source architects and team members with our project success program to ensure your complete satisfaction with each engagement.

Open Source Architect Network

Meet Talent In Our Network

Travis Oliphant

Founder of Anaconda, NumFOCUS and PyData. Creator of NumPy, SciPy, and Numba

Tania Allard

JupyterHub, NumFOCUS DISC, Jupyter accessibility

Dharhas Pothina

Scientific computing, PyData, Jupyter ecosystem

Ralf Gommers

NumPy, SciPy,

Dhavide Aruliah

Scientific computing, PyData, Jupyter ecosystem, Anaconda, Scientific Python,

Fastest Way To Get Open Source Help

Getting Started Is Simple

01 Contact.

Contact our team and give us some high-level descriptions and motivations for your project goals.

02 Select.

We introduce you to an architect from our vetted network of open source architects ready to help you with your project.  We will work with you and the OSA to build the team you need from our combined networks. 

03 Get Started.

Get started right away.  We manage everything with one contract and ensure you are completely satisfied with the results. Pay us and we pay them.

Choose The Right Open Source Experts For Your Project

Access Our Global Network

Our network offers a deep bench of open source architects that can help you develop innovative software solutions.