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Infrastructure & Big Data

We enable you to deploy and maintain cost effective and scalable compute and data science platforms in the cloud and on-prem using best-of-breed open source tooling.
Our Big Data Infrastructure Process
Big Data Assessment & Consulting

Our leading experts in big data and open source assess your volumes of multi-structured data, your business needs, and your environment to collaboratively derive the optimal strategy and solution for deploying and maintaining your big data infrastructure.

Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

We help in designing and building efficient open-source based real-time analytics infrastructures that empower effective prediction and optimization of business outcomes and deliver actionable insights for better informed decisions. Our expertise helps in building optimal solutions for real-time data discovery & ingestion, data processing, data quality, augmented analytics and data visualization strategies.

Big Data Deployment

We facilitate data infrastructure configuration, provisioning, and deployment on a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. Our open architecture, supporting various integrations, provides scale up and scale down by demand for simple and flexible deployments.

Big Data Management

Utilize the latest open source technologies to modernize your scalable data monitoring, maintenance, and management in the cloud and on-prem.

Big Data Support & Managed Services

In addition, our support team can provide the health checks, diagnose, and help implement solutions to any issues within your big data infrastructure. Or, our managed services teams, can take on your Big Data Infrastructure needs and provide you the one-time or regular insights you need from your data.

Our Big Data Infrastructure Consulting Approach


Our Experts

OpenTeam’s consultants include big data and open source experts contributing to core technologies, architects, analysts, engineers, data scientists, PMs, etc.


Stakeholder Involvement

From inception to delivery and beyond, we prioritize proper stakeholder collaboration throughout the project.


Assessment, Define the Big Data Problem, Strategic Planning

We invest ample time in assessing needs, aligning on the exact Big Data problem definition and prioritization, and designing strategy.


Research and Proof of Concept

We share the design of a Big Data solution and the POC early on to be adaptable and to ensure we’re meeting expectations.


Open Source & Big Data Experts Knowledge Transfer

Our open source, infrastructure, and big data experts transfer expertise along the way to strengthen your teams.


Solution Delivery and Optimization

We don’t just deliver a solution, we work with you throughout the project to optimize each milestone.


Audits and Regulations

We make sure industry regulations and audits are planned and executed in collaboration with your teams.

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