Infrastructure, Scaling, & Acceleration

We enable you to deploy and maintain cost effective and scalable compute and data science platforms in the cloud and on-prem using best-of-breed open source tooling.
Our Infrastructure, Scaling, & Acceleration Process
On-Prem Server Provisioning

We know physical hardware as well as software and the cloud. If you want an on-premise compute solution, we will get it implemented for you.

Cloud Cost & Capacity Optimization

We have the expertise to fine-tune your cloud configuration to ensure you have the resources you need at a minimum of cost.

Customized Collaboration Platforms

Large-scale, distributed scientific collaboration is extremely challenging to implement. Our QHub platform makes it easy.

Cloud Compute Configuration & Management

Cloud compute infrastructure is complicated and challenging for newcomers. Quansight will establish your cloud capacity and train your engineers to manage it.

Our Infrastructure, Scaling, & Acceleration " Consulting Approach


Our Experts

OpenTeam’s consultants include big data and open source experts contributing to core technologies, architects, analysts, engineers, data scientists, PMs, etc.


Stakeholder Involvement

From inception to delivery and beyond, we prioritize proper stakeholder collaboration throughout the project.


Assessment, Define the Problem, Strategic Planning

We invest ample time in assessing needs, aligning on the exact Big Data problem definition and prioritization, and designing strategy.


Research and Proof of Concept

We share the design of a Big Data solution and the POC early on to be adaptable and to ensure we’re meeting expectations.


Knowledge Transfer

Our open source, infrastructure, and big data experts transfer expertise along the way to strengthen your teams.


Solution Delivery and Optimization

We don’t just deliver a solution, we work with you throughout the project to optimize each milestone.


Audits and Regulations

We make sure industry regulations and audits are planned and executed in collaboration with your teams.

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