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Healthcare Success Stories

OpenTeams Open Source Architects help companies architect solutions and lead technology teams to deliver business results. You can hire an OSA to help you design, pilot, and grow a technology project or add an OSA to your team to help you solve and architect a challenging technical problem.

Medical Supply Company Problem

A company that provides testing, balancing, and reporting of hospital air balance and infection control conditions used a complex spreadsheet to model air conditions and check against industry standards. The team’s results were manually copied into a final report, and the process was time consuming, confusing to new technicians, and the spreadsheet was nearly impossible to debug. 


OpenTeams Open Source Architect converted the model to a Python package with an automated workflow that included a test suite, data validation, and report generation. The OSA and his team built a web-based platform with authentication and data input framework. Additionally, the team built tools that allowed technicians to draw on images of the building architectural drawings as part of the data input which allowed them to easily go from room to room. These were also used for automatic report generation.


The outcome was an example of MLOps best practices for all of their teams to adopt. It reduces ETL and modeling errors and makes scaling, model experimentation, and production deployment easy.

Technologies Used

  • Pandas
  • Panel
  • HoloViews
  • Flask
  • Jinja
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • Bokeh

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