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Work directly with open source core maintainers, contributors, and professional open source developers to enhance your capabilities, deliver impactful solutions, and empower innovation.

OpenTeams Solutions

Data Engineering & MLOPS

Work with the Open Teams talent network to build the pipelines and workflows necessary for you to use data effectively across your organization.

Infrastructure, Scaling, & Acceleration

We enable you to deploy and maintain cost effective and scalable compute and data science platforms in the cloud and on-prem using best-of-breed open source tooling.

Visualization & Dashboard

As experts in the Python visualization and interactive dashboard tools, we can build an integrated visualization workflow that empowers your data scientists and allows you to easily share insights across your organization.


Our expertise with core packages that form the AI/ML space, including NumPy, PyTorch, and scikit-learn, enables us to build custom algorithms and powerful AI/ML models for you.

Packaging & Environment Management

With our proficiency in the PyPI and Conda ecosystems, we can help you package your code for distribution and implementation across your organization, and also help you with tooling and infrastructure to manage compliance, security, and reproducibility.

Open Source Integration

With our deep knowledge of the open source ecosystem, we handle the complexity of integrating your internal systems with the powerful open source tooling available for different domains.

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