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Matplotlib Support Services

Software support services to help you with installations, versioning, integration, modules, and anything else related to your use case.

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Up to four-hour response time. Contact by phone or online, unlimited named contracts, 400+ supported packages


Up to four-hour response time. As fast as a 5-day resolution or workaround on requests. Plus bronze level benefits. 


Up to one-hour response time. As fast as a 72-hour resolution or workaround on requests. Plus silver level benefits. 

Get Matplotlib Support


Initial Installation

Get expert assistance from community contributors to open source technology.  We can help you with tricky installs, and help simplify the process for the future through environment packaging and deployment. 


Version Updates

We can build on top of old systems to allow for the adoption of new technologies without sacrificing proven workflows and processes. Alternatively, we can migrate your existing stack to new versions without losing valuable data and work.


Module Creation/Integration

Build out the functionality of your software, we can quickly develop and implement new modules to promote agile software environments. Whether you just have a concept or are struggling with a module you created, we can get you up and running stress free.


Operating Environment Integration

By partnering with OpenTeams, you are unrestricted from integrating new software into your workflows. Using enterprise-level analysis and advanced iterative testing, we can identify and engineer solutions around software conflicts and bugs.

The Only Support Model That Works For Open Source

Access support from contributors and owners to help you resolve support tickets, overcome tricky integrations, and find answers to community roadmap questions.
One Vendor for All Open Source Support

Work with one vendor to get enterprise support for all of your open source needs across any open source project.

Work Directly With the Open Source Community

Take advantage of direct access to contributors, leaders, experts, and companies who created and maintain the open source projects you depend on.

Guidance and Training From Project Experts

OpenTeams goes beyond providing support; we will guide and train your team on open source projects and offer help from the project experts themselves.

Software Development Projects and Services

Let us help you use the wealth of open source to accelerate your internal development and get features integrated or added to the roadmap of open source.

Find Out How OpenTeams Can Help...

Get all-inclusive solutions for the open source services gap. Receive a top to bottom tech assessment to find out where your workflow could be improved using cutting-edge, subscription-fee-free software. Whether you just have a concept, want to update your workflow, or have been using open source for years, OpenTeams can jump in to create a plan that will optimize your digital innovation.


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