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OpenTeams gives you access to the network, tools, and channels you need so we can jointly grow our businesses.

Joint Partner Marketing Activities
TechShare Friday Events

Every Friday starting September 1, 2022, OpenTeams will be hosting a live TechShare event that will be syndicated to over 30,000 technology architects and executives via the web, YouTube, social networks, and podcasts. Join us each week as a presenter or panelist at our TechShare events.

Custom TechShare Events

OpenTeams works directly with Fortune’s Global 500 clients to create custom TechShare events specific to our clients’ needs. Submit your sessions in advance, and we can offer your sessions to our clients when they schedule their personalized TechShares.

Cross Educating Sales Teams

Let's cross-train our sales teams on each other's products so they can be on the lookout for joint sales and upsell opportunities. Both organizations will share collateral and provide virtual training sessions to enable our sales teams.

Coordinated Selling Efforts

We can compare CRMs and find joint accounts we can target and identify people we know in each account. Then our sales team can work together to create a strategy to engage accounts.

Case Studies

Share your case studies with OpenTeams, and we will publish your success stories on our website, social channels, newsletter, podcast, and we will share it with our sales team.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Work with OpenTeams to create joint lead generation campaigns to scale our marketing efforts to a broader market and win more deals. In addition, we will create personalized cross-channel campaigns focused on a joint target audience and will pass along engaged leads to sales.

Partnership Analytics and Reporting

We will regularly meet with our joint marketing teams to track campaign progress, manage opportunities, and optimize joint campaigns.

How to get started

Partnering with OpenTeams is simple, and our team is ready to support you.

Sign up to join our partner network

Go to and sign up to become an OpenTeams partner.

Meet with a partner manager

A partner manager will reach out to you and discuss which partnership level is best for your business.

Sign a partnership agreement

There is no cost to get started. Sign up for a simple partnership agreement, and we will get started.

Schedule a partnership kick-off meeting

A go-to-market team will be assigned to you to help you drive more demand and sales for your project, training, or service.

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