If you are an organization or an individual, OpenTeams has a partnership program for you. Our programs are designed to help you succeed and accelerate your growth.

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Partner with a company that is helping businesses build mission-critical software using a network of open-source-based partners.

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The OpenTeams talent network gives you the opportunity to work with top companies, incubate your own consulting practice, and get funding.

Our Platinum Partners


Partner since 2019

Quansight is a data science and analytics consulting firm specializing in open source software. With deep expertise in python libraries for data science and machine learning, including long-standing participation in the open source communities that produce those libraries, Quansight is an ideal source of expert help with PyData software. Quansight was founded by Travis Oliphant. Travis is a well-known leader in the Python Data community having authored or led the creation of industry cornerstones such as NumPy, SciPy, Numba, Conda, XND, NumFOCUS, and PyData.


Partner since 2021

Elastech was founded to deliver Technology as a Service. Technology as a Service means you get all the speed, transparency, and control of an internal technology team at a fraction of the cost. We provide a scalable technology team, led by a CTO, with exactly the experts you need, when you need them, and only when you need them. Although located in North America, Elastech leverages a global workforce with the skills and availability to cover your technology needs.

OpenTeams Incubator

Partner since 2019

The OpenTeams Incubator is the world’s first open source technology oriented business incubator. Our mission is to foster economic development by promoting and supporting the formation and growth of companies that commercially develop new technologies, products, and services that rely on open source. Our incubator is tailored to the needs of open-source founders and communities because we believe those communities are where technology innovation happens, where opportunities for new businesses are found, and where our greatest opportunity for global impact lies.

Our Premium Partners

Array Fire

Partner since 2021

ArrayFire offers consulting and training services in technical computing with a focus on data parallel acceleration and machine learning. They can accelerate your code, train your team, or even develop new code for your organization using their expertise in data-parallel computing (e.g. CUDA, OpenCL and Xilinx SDAccel). They are known for their high performance OSS tensor library for parallel computing with an easy-to-use API. The ArrayFire library is platform independent, highly portable and saves time and lowers development costs.