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Open Source Strategic Assessment

Plan, Manage, and Optimize The Use Of Open Source In Your Company

Use the OpenTeams talent network to work directly with the maintainers of open source projects to get your features developed and your code added to the project.

Assessment Results
Create An Open Source Strategy And Roadmap

We will design a strategic roadmap to guide your work with various open source frameworks and what work needs to be done to accomplish your business goals and allow your team to continue innovating impactful solutions.

Define Project Plan and Costs For Open Source Projects

OpenTeams will provide you with a detailed project plan for your various projects involving open source that includes estimated costs and the suggested resources and talent required to execute each project successfully.

Evaluate Risks And Vulnerabilities

OpenTeams talent network will evaluate your current use of open source and report if you have any third-party intellectual property infringements, security risks, or unexpected licensing terms.

Choose The Best Open Source Framework

Our solution architects zero in on your technology, operations, and strategic challenges to get an in-depth understanding of your business so they can present you with the best open source frameworks for your business.

How to get started

Getting started with OpenTeams is simple, and our team is ready to support you.

Initial interviews:

Our experts will talk with your team to understand your current program requirements and challenges.


We will evaluate your current systems and use of open source to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities.


The team will produce a written report of our findings and recommendations to improve your use of open source.


OpenTeams will identify the best talent in our network to help you implement any accepted recommendations.

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