OpenTeams Subscription

Access a suite of Open Source services by buying subscription credits.

OpenTeams makes it easy for you to work with an extensive network of Open Source maintainers, developers, and partners by allowing you to buy service credits and use these credits with any developer or company in our network.

How to get started

OpenTeams uses a subscription based billing method of all of our services to give you a regular, predictable budget for all your open source related expenses.

Estimate An Annual Budget

We estimate an annual budget based on the services and talent you need.

Select Billing Frequency

You select the billing frequency: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual.

Get And Use Service Credits

We will create service credits that you can use on services and talent based on your payments.

Quarterly Budget Adjustment

Each quarter or as needed, we will adjust your budget based on how many credits you used.

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Join our talent network as a company or an individual, and we will connect you with businesses building mission-critical software using our network of open source partners.