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Open Source Support

Get Support For All Your Open Source Frameworks

Access support from contributors and owners to help you resolve support tickets, overcome tricky integrations, and find answers to community roadmap questions. 

Why Choose OpenTeams for Support?
One Vendor for All Open Source Support

Work with one vendor to get enterprise support for all of your open source needs across any open source project.

Work Directly With the Open Source Community

Take advantage of direct access to contributors, leaders, experts, and companies who created and maintain the open source projects you depend on.

Get Guidance and Training From Project Experts

OpenTeams goes beyond providing support; we will guide and train your team on open source projects and offer help from the project experts themselves.

Software Development Projects and Services

Let us help you use the wealth of open source to accelerate your internal development and get features integrated or added to the roadmap of open source.

Trusted by the Global 500+

OpenTeams is trusted by Global 500+ brands such as Meta, Morning Star, Nvidia, Wells Fargo, Zurich, AES, and many more.

The Only Support Model That Works for Open Source

OpenTeams is the trusted support partner who works directly with the open source community and companies to get you resolutions to your tickets.

Support Level 1

OpenTeam’s trained and experienced open source experts work directly with you to resolve your problems in real-time.

Support Level 2

OpenTeams support experts and architects work with the open source community and companies to help resolve your tickets.

Support Level 3

OpenTeams support works directly with the open source community, companies, and experts to resolve your tickets.


Choose The Right Architect For Your Project

Access Our Global Network

Our network offers a deep bench of enterprise solution architects that can help you develop innovative software solutions.


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