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Enterprise Solution Architect On Demand

Finding and hiring capable and experienced technical leadership holds back most teams and is the biggest risk for failure on a software project. OpenTeams uses its network of ESAs to help you find the right leader to help you with your project while helping you stay within budget. With an ESA guiding your project, you will have the right leader to build an end-to-end solution that can be adapted to changing business requirements, making sure your business goals are met and your future growth strategies are supported.

Why OpenTeams?

Large and small companies face the challenge of finding technical leaders who can guide their technical teams in building software solutions that will drive their digital transformation initiatives. Experienced leadership can ensure project success, time-to-market acceleration, and you meet your organization’s goals. Our unique solution for hiring enterprise solution architects and their talent network working closely with our project success program provides you with expert leadership and gives you financial flexibility.

Best Network To Hire Enterprise Solution Architect Talent

OPENTEAMSTypical EmployementFreelancer Platforms
Time To Find An ESA0-4 weeks1-4 Months1-4 Months
Recruiting Fee$0$10-40$0
Quality Guarantee
Failure RateVery lowLowVery High
Vetted Candidates
Termination CostsNoneVery highNone

Get Well Vetted Quality Talent

Technology Quality

OpenTeams Enterprise Solution Architects have an extensive track record of building software solutions for start-ups and enterprise companies. They are experienced technologists who have done the development and led development projects.

Leadership Quality

ESAs in our network are proven industry leaders experienced in working with organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to large enterprises.  The ESAs know how to deliver the expected quality for the specific company size and industry requirements.

ESA Quality Guarantee

OpenTeams guarantees you will get a quality ESA for your software project. However, if you are not satisfied with your ESA, we will replace your ESA with another ESA that can meet your requirements and expectations. We guarantee our quality.

Get Talent That Will Add Value To Your Team

Domain Experience

OpenTeams matches you with an ESA with relevant industry and technology expertise. As a result, an ESA can quickly come up to speed with your requirements and add value. They also have the network to assemble a team with domain expertise to do the job.

Mentoring & Support

OpenTeams matches you with an ESA that can fill your organization’s knowledge gaps in specific technology areas. This way, your team will appreciate the insights, mentoring, and support the ESA can provide along with the software solution they are building.

Reliability & Flexibility

With OpenTeams, you can hire the right ESA for one project and another ESA for another project requiring different skills.  Your team can always get reliable help when you need it while having only one vendor at OpenTeams.

Significant Financial Bottom-Line Benefits

Cost-Effective Pricing

OpenTeams has cost-effective pricing that allows ESAs to work for you hourly, part-, or full-time. The flexibility provides an overall lower cost than hiring an ESA full-time.

Additional Savings

When hiring an ESA from OpenTeams you do not have additional costs such as benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination hassle, paperwork, recruiting time and expenses, etc. 

Time To Market

Hiring an ESA with expertise in your industry and technology solution can accelerate your time to market and ensure project success. In addition, your team will not have to learn from trial and error but will get an experienced mentor.

How does OpenTeams work?

By working with OpenTeams, your team will not have to learn how to build your software solution by trial and error. Instead, OpenTeams will provide a vetted ESA with the industry, technology, and solution experience you need to guide your team and accelerate your time to market while reducing costs.


Contact OpenTeams Describe Your Projects Goals

Schedule a meeting with an OpenTeams representative. We will pull in an ESA appropriate for your problem as soon as you communicate your project’s goals and details relevant to your project’s success. For example, describe what you are trying to accomplish, what technologies you are using or plan to use, what industry experience is required, and what challenges your team is facing that an ESA could resolve.


An ESA Will Help You We will Contact You To Help You Identify The Right Candidate

An OpenTeams representative will follow up with an ESA to further clarify your requirements and find the best Enterprise Solution Architect for your project’s needs. Then, with the help of our team of internal ESAs, we will help you find the perfect team for your project.   


Get The Perfect Match We Will Provide You With Several ESAs Who Can Help You

An OpenTeams ESA will use our network of ESAs to introduce you to suitable ESA candidates with the technical expertise, industry experience, and solution knowledge you need to execute your software project successfully.


ESA CAN BRING A TEAM Select An ESA And Their Team To Help You

Select an ESA; they can evaluate your project and determine what resources are necessary to deliver it successfully. In addition, our ESAs have a network of talent they can draw on to complement your team. The ESA will work with OpenTeams to create a proposal to solve your challenge, including any additional team members needed.


ESA Quality Guarantee Ensure You Always Get The Best Talent

OpenTeams guarantees satisfaction with your ESA. We are committed to ensuring your project is a success and will monitor your project’s progress and ensure you are getting the best talent to help you achieve your goals.

What Is OpenTeams?

OpenTeams is a network of enterprise solution architects (ESA) who are technology leaders in their industry and are available to help small and large companies build software solutions.

Enterprise Solution Architects are experienced leaders who have successfully built technology solutions and can now help other companies.

Companies are matched with the Enterprise Solution Architect that is best qualified to help them with their software project.  This technology leader enables you to organize the rest of the team to solve your problem, including a mix of internal and contract talent.

What OpenTeams Provides?

Talent Network For ESAs

OpenTeams provides a global network of Enterprise Solution Architects who have distinguished themselves as technology leaders in their industry, solution area, and technology expertise.

Project Success

OpenTeams will pair the ESA chosen for your project with our Project Success Program, our framework to ensure your project is successful.

Global Payroll Services

OpenTeams has a close partnership with OpenTeams Global that provides global payroll and benefits services for ESAs and their teams worldwide to ensure the right talent a company needs can be recruited and paid no matter where in the world they are located.

On Demand ESA Services

OpenTeams matches the right ESA with industry experience, solution expertise, and technology understanding with what technology leadership a company requires to build its software solution.

Quality Assurance

Once your project begins, OpenTeams will continue to monitor your project with our Project Success Program that complements the experience of your ESA with the alignment and communication necessary to guarantee success.

Team Augmentation Services

Suppose a company requires additional technology talent to deliver a software project. In that case, OpenTeams can work with the ESA's developer network and our global partner network to recruit the right talent for a software project.

What Type of Talent Does OpenTeams Provide?

Enterprise Solution Architects

OpenTeams provides a network of Enterprise Solution Architects that can provide the technology leadership companies need to build their software solutions.

More Technology Resources

OpenTeams also works with the ESAs existing developer network or with its own global network of technical talent to recruit the right talent to help you build your software project.

Choose The Right Architect For Your Project

Access Our Global Network

Our network offers a deep bench of enterprise solution architects that can help you develop innovative software solutions.


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