"Five Enterprise 2.0 Startups To Watch"
"Takes the icky out of wiki"
Discover the power of the Entrepreneurial Organization... Web-hosted collaborative software to foster a more innovative culture.
Work Doesn't Have To Suck
  • you can bring the excitement and camaraderie of a startup to your organization.
  • less Dilbert... more Silicon Valley
  • less burnout... more innovation
  • fewer bureaucracy zombies... more energized teams
  • all while slashing email, meetings, conference calls, and project cycles
  • release the untapped potential of your talent
  • The catalyst? OpenTeams - Talent Unbound
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Additional Benefits
  • Slash your inbox email 33-75%
  • Reduce meetings and conference calls by half
  • Accelerate projects by 25%
  • Potential to double overall productivity
  • Harness your firm´s collective intelligence in a dynamic knowledgebase
Why OpenTeams?

To become an agile, innovative, Entrepreneurial Organization, employee engagement is essential. Business leaders are frustrated with email and groupware because it doesn't break through the bureaucracy - usually it creates more. In addition to project collaboration, blogging, social networking, community building, and knowledge management, OpenTeams is an innovative initiative development solution where employees collaboratively seed and mature new ideas for additional revenue, productivity, and cost-savings.

Unlike normal wikis, which suffer from user apathy and confusion, OpenTeams is intuitive for non-techies to learn and use. Its simple email-like interface makes it easy to create, organize, and navigate content while transparently tracking changes. This dramatically shrinks the learning curve and ensures adoption while ramping up productivity, payback, and employee engagement.