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Connect With Enterprises

Connect With Enterprises and Decision Makers in a Personalized Way
OpenTeams is building the best network of enterprise technology architects and decision makers. We want to connect your services, open source projects, and products with our community through events called TechShares.

About TechShares

TechShares are one-hour virtual events that we host every Friday for the community and privately for companies. Speakers have 10 minutes to present a project they are excited about to help our community of developers, architects, and decision-makers. Attendees can later meet with the presenters and schedule 1×1 meetings if desired.

Personalized TechShares

TechShares Personalized for a Company

OpenTeams works directly with enterprise clients to schedule personalized TechShares based on client needs and interests. Therefore, if you present at these TechShares, you will focus only on one client.

Industry TechShares

Virtual Industry TechShares

OpenTeams schedules a TechShare every Friday and invites specific segments of our community of decision-makers to attend. The Friday TechShares focus on industries, solutions, and open source technologies.

Why Participate
Access Enterprise Connections

OpenTeams can connect your project community with our network of decision-makers from various disciplines who use open source software professionally.

Promote Your Projects

Your open source projects and ideas are innovative; continue to promote and share them using this platform as part of a well-rounded outreach strategy.

TechShares Are Completely Free

Participating in TechShares is entirely free. No sponsorship is required to participate. Once you present, you can meet with attendees post-event.

Generate More Leads And Build Your Brand

Present at TechShares, build relationships and your brand with enterprise customers. Get more leads, contacts, and contracts.

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