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Open Source Training

Empower Your Team With The Latest Advanced Open Source Training Solutions

We work directly with our open source network to develop custom training for your team, and we provide you with a library of pre-built training.

Training Solutions
Training Assessment

Experts will review any existing training and provide a roadmap for any recommended improvements

Accelerate Your Business

Proven method for converting novices to experts and for follow-on training.

On-site Training

Expert instructors will guide your class while optimizing delivery speed.

Blogs, FAQ, Notebooks, etc…

The most consumable training to help your customers with common needs.

Online Training

Most scalable training option. Can be scheduled quickly and cost-effectively.

Focus Group

Technical focus group that will provide feedback on your training.

Digital Training

Most economical option. Training is recorded and can be used anytime.

Post Training Support

Follow-on 1:1 post training support for people who have technical issues.

Why Choose OpenTeams

Like all software, open source evolves quickly. Today’s experts can become quickly outdated. Avoiding obsolescence requires regular skills updates. Think of it as maintenance for your talent resources.

OpenTeams Training will keep your team up to date.

There are many sources of training on the basics of software. Universities, online schools, boot camps, can all cover the basics of popular software libraries. But your team has those skills or can get easy access to such training. Probably for free. The difficult training to find is expert, in-depth training on the latest software releases.

OpenTeams offers hard-to-find courses.

Our curricula are developed and delivered by some of the top experts in the industry, often key contributors or maintainers of the libraries they teach about. This gives them unique insight into the inner workings of the software that they can pass on to their students.

Training Course Catalog

Choose The Right Architect For Your Project

Access Our Global Network

Our network offers a deep bench of enterprise solution architects that can help you develop innovative software solutions.