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The Community for Open Source Innovations

OpenTeams is building a network of enterprise solution architects who lead enterprise software development on open-source foundations. These leaders and other innovators share new technology through TechShare events.

What Is A TechShare?

TechShares are events that we host every Friday for the community and privately for companies. Speakers present a project they are excited about that can help our community of developers, architects, and decision-makers. Attendees can later meet with the presenters and schedule 1×1 meetings if desired.

Personalized TechShares

TechShares Personalized for a Company

OpenTeams works directly with enterprise companies to schedule TechShares with an audience restricted to their company based on their needs and interests. These are private sessions that allow company employees to freely ask questions relevant to their business.

Industry TechShares

Virtual Industry TechShares
OpenTeams schedules a TechShare every Friday and invites specific segments of our community of decision-makers to attend. The Friday TechShares focus on industries, solutions, and open source technologies.

Join Us for a TechShare!
Carefully Curated Topics

Speakers and topics are carefully selected based on expertise, customer topic interest, and audience demand.

Meet Fellow Thought Leaders

We have a growing community of over 30,000 technology providers, join us and find new networking connections.

Keep Up With Innovation

Our guests are the people leading and working on some of the largest and or most innovative open-source technology projects.

Q&A Opportunity

TechShares give you the chance to answer your questions directly from the developers and contributors to your most utilized projects or projects you have been thinking about using.

TechShares Are a Free Community Service

OpenTeams holds public TechShares for free. These are community events designed to help the enterprise architects share best practices and drive innovation.

How to get started

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