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Project Development & Contribution

Get Your Features Developed and Code Added to Open Source Projects

Use the OpenTeams talent network to work directly with the maintainers of open source projects to get your features developed and your code added to the project.

Why OpenTeams?
Engage With Core Open Source Maintainers And Contributors

OpenTeams will leverage our talent network to connect your team with open source project contributors, maintainers, and founders who can help you get your features developed and the code added to an open-source project.

Work With A Team of Experienced Open Source Developers

Your project will be led by a senior architect who will guide a team of the right open source developers from the OpenTeams talent network to help you get your project developed and contributed back to the community.

One Vendor to Manage With Relentless Commitment To Project Success

Work with one vendor deeply rooted in the open source community who can manage paid engagements, be the single source for your procurement team, and provide an enterprise account team to manage your projects.

Subscribe To Additional Open Source Services

OpenTeams can provide you a full suite of open source services through our partner network to help you develop strategies, get support, execute projects, and get training.

How to get started

Getting started with OpenTeams is simple, and our team is ready to support you.

Contact Us

Tell us about your project and what features you want to be developed or code added.

Get The Perfect Team

We will provide you with a senior architect and a team of people and connections to your open source project that can get your project completed.

Get Your Project Started

Get started quickly and securely with one single vendor who will be responsible for the entire project.

Relentless Commitment To Project Success

Our project team will manage your project and provide enterprise-level reporting and support.

Work Directly With Core Contributors of the Following Projects:

Choose The Right Architect For Your Project

Access Our Global Network

Our network offers a deep bench of enterprise solution architects that can help you develop innovative software solutions.